Official Pumpkin Derby Rules
All Pumpkin Racers must design or race their Pumpkins according to these few important rules to ensure that the Pumpkin Race is fun and fair for everyone.

  1. Racers must be built using a single, whole pumpkin (while it may be hollowed out, it must still remain its pumpkin shape).
  2. Must only use two independent axles through your pumpkin and attach wheels to the axles. The total width of Racer (tires and axle) CANNOT exceed more than 20 inches (if it doesn't fit on the starting block, it can't race).
  3. Pumpkins may NOT contain additional weights, concrete, rocks inside OR be attached to a pre-fabricated chassis of any kind (skateboard, stroller, Tonka truck, etc.).
  4. No propellants of any kind, motors, batteries, fans, rocket engines, explosives or pyrotechnics. Leave that to the bands playing at the Festival. Pumpkins must be gravity-powered only!
  5. No pushing or "helping" your Pumpkin Racer on the starting line.
  6. NO cheating, so please compete honorably, respecting the spirit of the rules.

But what if you work your heart out making the coolest, most creative Pumpkin Racer ever only to discover you've inadvertently violated any of the rules? While you may not qualify to complete in the main race heats, we are making allowances for exhibition matches to be run after the Pumpkin Derby. Everyone's Pumpkin will race!!

Pumpkin Derby

What is a Pumpkin Derby?

Pumpkin Derby is a unique, side-by-side race featuring handcrafted, decorated Pumpkin Racers in a funky, hilarious, suspenseful, and dramatic display of American ingenuity.

What is a Pumpkin Racer?

Pumpkin Racers are made to conform (more or less) to the Corinth Pumpkin Palooza Rules. The Official Rules state in part that a Pumpkin Racer must be made from one pumpkin with independent axles and wheels attached. Pumpkin Racers come in all different shapes, sizes, and speeds.


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